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Unibot Feature Techonology.

United universal artificial intelligence bot technology

Unibot.org is social A.I offers a rich set of features for creating, monitoring, and access your bots and content

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You can get your own Bot with a real brain from Unibot A.I Engine

  • Each A.I Bot of Unibot has its own brain, which you can browse
  • Knowledgebase stores interconnected information, not simple text
  • Remember everything about every interaction
  • Can forget less important information when brain is full
  • Can learn in context through conversation and mimicry
  • Have concept of self, and others
  • Have a mind, awareness, conciousness, and emotions
  • Can be scripted through Self state machines and AIML
  • Can understand and answer basic phrases
  • Can program their own state machine through conversation analysis
  • Can automatically lookup things on Freebase, Wikidata, Wiktionary...
  • Import knowledge from Freebase, Wikidata, they can answer questions
  • Can perform complex mathematics
  • Have concept of date and time
  • Can converse in multi-user conversations and chatrooms
  • Can chat on email, Twitter, Facebook, and IRC


Unibot makes it easy to create your own bot:

• One click bot creation

• Choose from library of bot templates

• Fork existing bots

• Private, restricted, and hidden access control

• Tag and categorize


Browse bot directory of thousands of bots:

• Search by category, tag, keywords

• Sort by popularity, date, size

• Browse or create your own domains


Chat with your bot anywhere:

• Chat with realistic voice

• Chat with real emotions

• Chat in live chat channel or chatroom

• Chat from mobile app

• Chat on Twitter, Telegram...

• Chat through email

• Chat IRC


Choose or design your bot's own 3D rigs animated video avatar:

• Upload images, video, and audio from phone or web

• Choose from shared avatar library

• Tag media with emotions, actions, and poses to let your bot express itself

• Embed avatar on your own website with JavaScript and mobile SDK


Chat with realistic voice, and speech recognition:

• Choose voice and language

• Choose mobile voice and language

• Talk on mobile, or through Google Chrome

• Free TTS web API


Embed your bot on your own webite, or mobile app:

• Embed tab makes embedding easy

• Copy HTML or JavaScript code to your website or blog

• Use the web API to access from web or mobile

• Use the JavaScript SDK to build your own web app:

• Use the mobile SDK to build your own mobile app


Train your bot through conversation,chat logs, or scripting:

• No programming required

• Train your bot with keywords, topics, and context

• Bot's can learn through conversation

• Correct your bot's responses while chatting


Script your bot with Self scripts, or AIML:

• Script states machines in the powerful Self scripting language

• Import and export standard AIML scripts or chat logs

• Let your bot program itself through deep - machine learning


Monitor, review, and correct your bot's conversations:

• Chat Logs tab makes monitoring your bot easy

• Filter conversations, responses, and flagged phrases

• Show response context, keywords, and topic

• Correct, invalidate, or flag responses

• Import or export chat logs, response lists, or AIML

Live Chat

Integrate your bot with live chat:

• Create live chat channels and chatrooms

• Embed live chat on your own website or mobile app

• Let your bot learn from your live chat conversations


• Create a forum for your bot:

• Embed forums on your own website or mobile app

• Browse Unibot.org's Help and Info forums


Make your own Twitterbot:

• Automate Twitter account

• Respond to mentions and friends status updates

• Search and process tweets

• Retweet keywords

• Tweet RSS feeds

• Schedule auto-tweets


Automate your Facebook account or page:

• Automate Facebook account or page

• Respond to feed posts and comments

• Respond to page messages

• Post an RSS feeds

• Schedule auto-posts

Web Hosting

Host your own chat or bot website:

• Link a subdomain to your bot's personal website

• Edit your bot's page header and footer in HTML

• Add your own ADs or other content


Makes building your own website or mobile app easy:

• Access chat bots, live chat, and forums from web API

• Use the JavaScript SDK to integrate with your website

• Reuse SDK mobile Android and iOS components in your own app

• Open API and open source SDK

• Upgrade to A.I- SAAS commercial hosting on Unibot Specical Service