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Unibot short overview.

Unibot is our commercial bot platform. It provides bots, live chat, chat rooms, and forums. You can create, develop, and host chat bots, virtual agents, Twitter bots, Facebook bots, Telegram bots, email bots, IRC bots, bots for the web and mobile apps..

Unibot lets you add virtual agents, live chat and forums to your website. Improve your sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our bots are integrated with our live chat, so you can switch users between human and bot operators. Our bots can even learn from your human operators. Reduce your customer service costs, and provide automated support 24/7..

Unibot includes a mobile app, and a mobile SDK that lets you easily build your own mobile app, or add live chat, chatrooms, forums, or chat bots to your existing mobile app. A web API is also provided to allow access to your content from JavaScript, PHP, or any other environment

Unibot Feature Engine

  • Each A.I Bot of Unibot has its own brain, which you can browse
  • Knowledgebase stores interconnected information, not simple text
  • Remember everything about every interaction
  • Can forget less important information when brain is full
  • Can learn in context through conversation and mimicry
  • Have concept of self, and others
  • Have a mind, awareness, conciousness, and emotions
  • Can be scripted through Self state machines and AIML
  • Can understand and answer basic phrases
  • Can program their own state machine through conversation analysis
  • Can automatically lookup things on Freebase, Wikidata, Wiktionary...
  • Import knowledge from Freebase, Wikidata, they can answer questions
  • Can perform complex mathematics
  • Have concept of date and time
  • Can converse in multi-user conversations and chatrooms
  • Can chat on email, Twitter, Facebook, and IRC
    Unibot Service
    Chat bot design and integration, web and mobile
    Social media automation, Twitter, Facebook, Google+
    Customer service automation, live chat, forums, email
    Technical support - Sale automation
    For fun & your ideas custom
    Algorithmic securities trading, stocks, indexes, currencies
    Automated fraud detection

U-Omocha version

$0/mo U-Omocha version
  • 24 hours + - Social Cycle
  • 100,000 objects - Knowledge Size limited
  • 500 per/day - API calls
  • Embed, Forum, Chat - ok
  • Twitter, Facecbook, Telegram - ok
  • Creat, browse own bot - ok
  • Web hosting - ok
  • Multi Language - ok
  • Monitor, API, SDK, IRC - ok
  • Avatar, Voice - ok
  • Script, train, Others - ok

What for?

  • Customer service
  • B2B, B2C Sale system
  • Marketing automation
  • Education, Finance, Trading
  • Technical Support
  • Assistant, Social network
  • For fun or alone people
  • For your ideas

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